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The Inland Empire office serves the greater Riverside, San Bernardino and a portion of Los Angeles counties. Together, San Bernardino and Riverside counties encompass approximately 27,308 square miles, which is the largest geographical metropolitan statistical area in the United States. The Inland Empire is bounded by Inyo County to the north, the California state line to the east, San Diego and Imperial counties to the south, and Los Angeles and Orange counties to the west.

A well-integrated freeway system serves as the basis for surface transportation in the Inland Empire and Southern California region. The Inland Empire is served by the Santa Fe and Southern Pacific railroads. These railroads act primarily in a freight hauling capacity, providing access between the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach and the Inland Empire. Via the existing network of national rail lines, freight can be moved throughout the entire country. A primary catalyst of growth in the Inland Empire is the Ontario International Airport. In 1998, a major expansion and renovation was completed. The airport now includes two passenger terminals that are 265,000 square feet each, and an international arrivals terminal that is 40,500 square feet, for a total of 570,500 square feet of terminal area. The airport is at least eight times larger than the former facility. It has a capacity to serve 10 million passengers annually, with plans for expansion to an additional terminal when this threshold is achieved in consecutive years. Parking was increased by 4,900 spaces to the current level of 13,400 stalls.

The Inland Empire remains a dynamic region for commercial and industrial use and has quickly become one of the premiere distribution hubs in the United States.

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