Tenant Representation Process


Superior Market Access & Information
When you engage DAUM, you benefit, at no cost to you, from our access to the most up-to-date and comprehensive real estate information available. We spend hundreds of thousands of dollars per year just on our state-of-the-art databases. These databases are necessary to provide the information required for you to secure the right space and right terms. This, and our industry relationships, gives us invaluable access to detailed information on all available properties throughout the metroplex.

The result? You won’t hear about the one that got away, because we ensure that you see every possible option, including:
■ Open-listing Properties
■  Exclusively-listed Properties
■  Foreclosure and Probate Sales
■ Sales by Lenders
■ Sales by Institutional Owners
■ Properties not yet On the Market

Superior Negotiating Leverage
All too often, attention is focused on base rental rates, taxes, operating expenses and rental abatements. Yet, important issues that reduce future increases and minimize the risks of unreason-able fees and charges often escape review. For example, how can DAUM be sure you are getting the full value of negotiated construction allowances instead of seeing it eroded by unwanted markups and supervisory fees? In virtually every market across the country DAUM has generated exceptional value for our clients by protecting their hidden assets with astute negotiating skills and unparalleled market knowledge.

Your benefits are:
■ Complete Tenant Loyalty
■ Access to Comparable Market Lease Terms
■ Access to Comparable Market Sales Terms
■ Provide Arms-Length Buffer with Landlord
■ Our Industry Reputation for Integrity creates Leverage

Superior Accountability
Because of our fiduciary relationships, we are totally committed to your best interests.

This means:
■ You are entitled to the best professional advice and opinions from us.
■  We must thoroughly investigate and completely disclose all facts that will bear on your
    decision to lease or buy.
■ We must protect your confidentiality if you wish to remain anonymous. We are prohibited from
    disclosing any confidential information gained as your agent representative, even after the
    relationship has been terminated.

What are Some Key Issues in the Process
■ Working on behalf of tenant, not landlord.
■ Analyze your space needs.
■  Investigate all available properties and determine which are the
   most appropriate for your needs.
■ Create a bidding war among several landlords for your business.
■ Protect you during lease negotiations so that you come away
   with terms that meet your present and potential future needs.
■ Serve as a buffer between you and the landlord.
■ Identify lease provisions that could cost or save you money during the lease term.
■ Handle the paperwork and other details of the lease negotiation.
■ Settle disputes that arise even after the lease is signed.
■ Ensure you get the most value in any improvements allowances.
■ Safeguard you against signing onto any provisions that run against your economic interest.
■ Define lease terms to benefit you.
■ Win concessions that anticipate your actual needs.