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Too often, those who work in the hospitality industry forget the importance of what our industry represents. Service. Service to hotel owners, investors, associates and to our guests. No doubt location, amenities and revenue management matter. But at its core, our industry relies on superior service and astute business practices for top-ranked hotel performance, long-term viability and cost-efficient operation. And that's what DAUM Commercial does best. 

At DAUM Commercial Hotel Group, we know hospitality, but that is just the beginning. With an emphasis on accountability, measurable results, diversity, communication and integrity, our highly-principled approach to hospitality brokerage is the cornerstone of our success. Our strong service foundation extends through every level of our organization, from sales associates to our seasoned leadership team.

DAUM Commercial Hotel Group prides itself on its proven entrepreneurial approach to commercial real estate investment. Our proactive, integrated approach of continually assessing asset performance, market position, value, and capital structure allows us optimize returns with clear and concise goals.

Economic cycles challenge every business. Real estate and hotel development is particularly vulnerable, as it is fundamentally a long-term investment based on short-term facts. It is our corporate belief that successful developers must be uncompromising in their investment standards during growth periods and have the ability and courage to act upon opportunities during declining periods. They must also continuously strive to make sound long-term decisions, while maintaining the flexibility to diversify and adapt quickly to changes that may disrupt even the most well-orchestrated project.

DAUM Commercial Hotel Group continues to evolve with market movements, as we are always searching for hotel acquisition and development prospects. We seek to pursue and capitalize on opportunities that create long-term investor value and optimum returns, dedicated to investment standards that transcend all property types.

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James Connor | Managing Director of Hospitality Services

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