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Transaction Management

DAUM Corporate Services exclusively focuses on users of business space. This assures our client’s that there will be no conflict of interest in their representation. Throughout each transaction we work collaboratively with our client’s to identify their business objectives, define their real estate requirement, investigate all possible options, develop our approach, and execute solutions. We will analyze our client’s long term real estate requirements and goals and examine the current market trends to create a real estate strategy that is both realistic with today’s market but also incorporates and exceeds all of our client’s business needs.

DAUM Corporate Services has numerous resources and excellent personal experience, which provide their clients with superior service for any real estate transaction. Ranging from our extensive national coverage and experience to our vast amount of research data at our fingertips DAUM Corporate Services has an array of resources to assist our clients successfully complete any transaction or real estate requirement.

Our team has personally completed transaction serving their clients in forty-five (45) states, and five (5) countries. With hundreds of transactions completed outside the Southern California area over the past sixteen (16) years, we completely understand and are experienced with the information and local assistances each client needs to secure the lowest possible occupancy cost nationally, or achieving the highest possible value for their facilities. When a local co-broker is needed for a particular transaction, we have several resources to select from to ensure we hire the appropriate and best person for this specific assignment. The resources we have to drawn from include, but are not limited to:

  • DAUM has eight (8) strategically located offices to serve Southern California, plus an office in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • ONCOR International, which is a national/international real estate service provider and is comprised of some of the strongest regional real estate service providers in the world.
  • Society of Office and Industrial Realtors (SIOR). With over 2,800 fellow SIORs spread throughout the United States, in all fifty (50) states, our clients have outstanding coverage from experienced SIOR brokers with unparalleled qualifications.

Our team personally control all transactions, locally, nationally, and internationally themselves. We review and approve the site survey, conduct the entire proposal process, put together the financial analysis and prepare the letter of intent.


  • Single Point of Contact for all transactions
  • Global Coverage
  • Access to vast resources and Market data, including, but not limited to demographics, market reports, vacancy rates, market rates, aerial maps, and market inventory.
  • Personal experience and knowledge
  • Negotiating expertise
  • Developing cost/benefit analysis
  • Assist with business location strategies and relocation services
  • Full service provider from start to occupancy

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Transaction Management