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Strategic Analysis & Planning


Strategic Analysis and Planning would ideally originate with the evaluation and full understanding of the client’s current real estate portfolio, as well as an examination of the current real estate policies and procedures in place. In evaluating any portfolio, our first measure is to meet with the client, put together a list of goals, and then develop Key Performance Indicators (“KPIs”).  We would then evaluate the current portfolio and alternatives using the KPIs.


In our investigation, we will explore the possibility of planned real estate dispositions and consolidations.  We will conduct a financial review of each effected property to confirm any previous commitments or obligations for the facilities, to ensure these locations are in line with the client’s overall goals and objectives.  Few companies can devote so much energy to their real estate portfolio and conduct the above analysis. DAUM Corporate Services can perform a major portion of this analysis and facilitate the strategic process, providing necessary research such as demographics, market reports, and financial analysis.   After our review of this data and the client’s business plan goals, we will then make the necessary recommendations.



  • Demographic reports
  • Standards development
  • Merger and acquisition evaluation
  • Strategic programming
  • Investment and repositioning
  • Business plan incorporations
  • Business unit master planning
  • Development planning and implementation
  • Strategic occupancy analysis
  • Location and incentive consulting
  • Workplace alternatives
  • Regional office planning

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Strategic Analysis & Planning