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Lease Administration / Portfolio Management

The organization and documentation of both leased and owned property information is a critical component to maximizing the value of Corporate Real Estate. This includes but is not limited to the confirmation of rent payments, which would include any rent increases, the payment and monitoring of expenses, maintaining lease abstracts and other property information, updating databases of critical information, and managing option periods and option notices for renewals or lease termination dates. Maintaining this information is a tedious task and is often overlooked for this reason. Outsourcing these tasks, to DAUM Corporate Services, reduces corporate staffing needs and assures that the work is done by professionals and experts in the real estate business. DAUM Corporate Services provides a complete Lease Administration and Portfolio Management service that can be customized to fit your real estate portfolio, as well as integrate your corporation’s current real estate policies and procedures.


  • Create and maintain lease abstracts for new or existing leases and corporate owned-properties
  • Input and update data into online database
  • Scan in all documents into online database for easy access
  • Confirm rent payment obligation
  • Calculate rent increases and apply towards the rent
  • Manage option periods and option notices for renewals
  • Manage renewal process
  • Track critical dates in the lease document. Input dates into online database
  • Monitor CAMs. Reconciliation on increases above an agreed upon level
  • Confirm if a pass-through is legitimate, in accordance with the lease
  • Analyze market rate for leased properties
  • Conduct desktop audits or full audits if necessary
  • Organize and clean up current files and lease data
  • Complete monthly reporting via the Web

We will also put together custom reporting, utilizing real-time data, based on your requests and needs.


DAUM’s Corporate Services will provide a complete evaluation of your requirement and will customize a pricing plan that is competitive and generally based on the number of documents processed and properties in your portfolio.

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Lease Administration & Portfolio Management