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Corporate Services

DAUM Corporate Services is a select team of interdisciplinary specialists integrating the broad resources within the company to assist corporations and financial institutions with owned real estate and leasehold interests. As one of the leading real estate firms in the West, DAUM has gained the respect of its corporate clients by offering superior service through strategic partnerships that address the specialized needs of each client. The client is then able to focus on its core business while increasing the productivity of its real estate assets.

Within DAUM highly trained professionals are assisted by unparalleled technological and managerial support, providing a full array of services through a single point of contact. By meeting with the client's key executives and management staff, Corporate Services offers an independent objective view of corporate goals and financial objectives. Through its involvement with the planning and implementation process, the company is able to respond to its customers' specific real estate needs quickly and effectively. In addition, through an integrated group of highly skilled service providers, DAUM’s unique capabilities extend nationally and internationally.

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